Joey Serricchio

Multimedia artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA.

About me

Garden, 2023 | full video
C++ program on a nokia phone.

Storm, 2023 | full video
oled screen, keychain, wrist band, key.

The scorpion walks around digging holes as the winds continually blow the holes away.

 Pasture, 2022 | full video
C++ Program on a LCD display in a frame.

.window, 2020–2021

Temparary digital installation on ArtCenter’s student portal,, during 2020 (pictured left) and at the Kylin Gallery’s website,, (pictured right) in 2021.

Hot, 2021
embroidered car air freshener.

Black embroidery thread creates an image of a bird on a branch in front of flames on a "Little Trees," brand car air freshener in the scent of "hot." It smells strongly of cinamon and pine.

Full of Myself, 2020
plastic, bacteria, agre.

Exhibited at the "Your Gaze Makes Me," show at the Kylin Gallery from March 14th - April 11th 2020. Curated by by Art Center Fine Art’s Antoinette Adams Alumni Resident Pui Tiffany Chow.

More Than I Could Know, 2020
blood on bandage.

This series of works was created using the artist's blood to stain a discrete rorschach tests on the center portion of three bandaids. They were then displayed attached by their own adhesive.

In Passing, 2020
various materials.

This series of work follows the artists reflection on the death of their grandmother. The grief led to a deeper connection with the artists mother who’s social security card joins his in the pieces. the milk carton is made of Joey’s mothers catscans after a lifethreatening accident at the beggining of his life. The cliché form of a rorschach test act as both a stain of grief and a void embodying the unknown of the future.

Every Year, 2020
ink on card.

A perpetual series of the exact same discontinued greeting card with two penguins at the top of a sea of holographic glittery snow with the words "every year it just gets more and more obvious," on the outside and dark ink all over the inside.

Thank you for looking through my work, if you’re interested in contacting me feel free to reach out through email to:


Contact @joeyfolio

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